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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Visitor #1

Jake arrives at Tech Park. It was 20 years ago

Saturday: The last few days have been exciting. Jake arrived on Thursday night, after 33 hours of travel to get here. It was his 20th birthday.

A hike on the hill behind campus.
He has already made pizza with Helen, met a few people, including Reverend Susan Olwa, and climbed Monkey Hill, in back of campus. There were no monkeys, unfortunately.

Helen and Jake made pizza.

I decided, after seeing the last creation made by Harriet, my tailor, to model all of the outfits she has made for me.
Contemplating an avocado in bathrobe made
from gomesi fabric..

Cute shorts/shirt with smart headscarf.

Long tunic with skirt. I didn't really expect this one to turn out like this.

Traditional kind of blouse/skirt.

Copied from a dress I own.

Made from gomesi fabric.

Shirt/shorts combo with obligatory headscarf.

This one has nice embroidery on the top.

Dress and jacket
Here they all are on the couch. Great stuff.
Oh, and David has gotten a few shirts, too... 

Very smart.

Nature corner
Lake Victoria with Entebbe airport on the right.

Black and white casqued hornbill

Kingfisher. These are lovely little birds.
We are planning a few side trips with Jake and are anxiously awaiting Sara and Nate's arrival on June 2, the day before Ugandan Martyr's Day, a national holiday.

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  1. You and Dave are the fashion bomb!! Great looking clothes.